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Google SEO should be seen as a long term  investment in making sure your site can be found in Google and other Search Engines for the keywords that you want to be found for.

However with some considered research and a monitored programme of continual work it is possible to produce significant positive result.

Norfolk Web Marketing Services includes the Yoast Seo  plugin in every Web site it builds for its clients


This allows us to manage the pages title, meta description,, focus keyword and gives us as your web developer other information that will help us optimise your pages performance in Google.

What else can be Done

Here in our office we use a variety of online tools to see where we can make the most significant differences but most importantly we make sure we don’t waste your time and money optimising .for terms where there is too much competition or worst still no traffic.

Better to be found for multiples of what is known as the lower hanging fruit to drive traffic to your site.

Customized Search Engine Optimisation

 If a client wishes us to undertake optimisation of their site, in addition to that which is included above in any sites we have built this can be done in small increments or if budget allows in larger amounts of our time. 

In relation to potential clients who have sites that we did not originally build can we help the answer is Yes.

We would firstly start with the basics by conducting a review of a sites page titles and meta description etc and then produce a suggested strategy for moving forward.

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