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About Us

Web design and internet marketing for small business

Who Are Norfolk Web Marketing Services

About Norfolk Web Marketing Services

We are your Web Design and Internet Marketing   Service.

We are a Partnership between father and son Philip and Tristan Lomax.

Philip has been responsible for the Marketing of his own hotel businesses for the past 40- years.

Spending many thousands of pounds of his own money on Internet marketing

Philip has an extensive knowledge of  all aspects of Web Design and Internet Marketing.

Over the last 10 years Philip has begun sharing that knowledge helping other small and medium sized businesses.

Tristan has spent a considerable amount of time in recent years studying Website coding design and build.

He is also the partnerships social media guy.

Digital Lovers

Are you busy with the day to day of running your business and struggling to find the time you need to implement the marketing that you know you need to do to keep customers coming to your door?

Let Us help with your Web Design

We are dedicated to undertaking digital marketing strategies on behalf of our clients that will allow them to acquire and keep customers that will  lead to them achieving their business and personal goals. 

Get in contact with Philip or Tristan to arrange a meeting for a no obligation chat so you can tell us where you need help.

Web Design and Internet Marketing

Web Design For You

We promise to do all we can to bring our clients projects to fruition in the agreed timeline.

In order to do this, we need your cooperation in providing required texts and imagery in a timely manner.

We Love To Explore​

Here at Norfolk Web Marketing Services we take time every day to stay abreast of the latest changes in web marketing opportunities & technologies

In doing this we are able to keep our clients up to date. 

Platforms such as Google and Facebook make changes to their platforms and algorithms on a near daily basis.

Web Design We Take It Step-By-Step

Ultimately we think it is important that our clients understand what we are doing on their behalf.


As such we are always prepared to take time to explain what we are doing to complete projects and why each step is important to give the results required.

We Keep It Simple

When Clients Instruct us that they wish to work with us on a single Project we require a 50% deposit on the agreed total cost of the project.

The Balance is due within 7 Days of the project’s completion.

If clients wish us to undertake ongoing projects like Google Ad Management. we require a direct debit for the agreed monthly management fee.,

Your Dream Web Design. Our Mission.

We are dedicated to seeing your business succeed as we know that your success will be ours. 

Hence our Guarantee to our Valued clients is that we will always go the extra mile.


Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

Web Design and Internet Marketing Services