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Social media campaign groups took off in 2018 as a way for Businesses to have a more direct connection to potential customers without changes in platforms algorithms affecting their content
Various Social Media influencers have also followed this move.
Chatbots can be a good way to contact your customers but it essential that conversations are monitored and replied to when automated messages are not appropriate.
Remember personal conversation is still preferred by most consumers.
It is also possible to take paid advertising in social media with platforms like Facebook offering fantastic customer targeting tools

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Social media campaigns will help raise the visibility of your business to potential clients.
Weather you sell business to business or business to consumer Social Media boosts your visibility.
Social Media Networks like Facebook have a massive audience 2.45 billion among this massive audience are your potential customers.

Other Platforms like Twitter have 330 million users.
YouTube has 2 billion active monthly users.
Instagram has a billion
LinkedIn the business to business platform 303 million monthly active users
The best thing is that most social media platforms will allow a business to create a free account.

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Here at Norfolk Web Marketing Services we understand that keeping your Social Media campaigns current and up to date can be very time consuming.

 Let us take the strain undertaking post updates and pay per click campaigns on your behalf.

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Let’s Create a social media Strategy for you that will raise your Brands awareness and allow your customers to interact with your business.

For a no obligation meeting please get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.

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